Just A Weak Core - Partners In Diastasis Rehabilitation
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Core and Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Even those without a diastasis recti may experience some of the same symptoms due to a weak core and poor abdominal function.

Back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction: Think of your body as having a triad of support – your abdominals, back and pelvic floor. If one of those areas is not effectively doing its job, the other two are going to have to take on that load.

Belly pooch: Abdominal muscles may be under-used (leading to lack of tone) or mis-used (creating intra-abdominal pressure and stretch).

With the correct exercises and assessment of how you’re using your body during your day, you can quickly build strength and tone.

At your Core Training sessions you will learn…

  • The best exercises for where YOUR body is at now
  • Exercise modifications to use in your other fitness classes/programs
  • How to know which exercises are helping you and which are hurting you
  • Which daily activities may be weakening your core and how to improve them

You will leave each appointment with a written core workout that you can do at home.

Learn more about our Core Strength Training Sessions and book an appointment today.