Health Professionals - Partners In Diastasis Rehabilitation
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Resources for Health Professionals

PIDR works closely with practitioners in the health community to provide resources for staff and patients. We are a provider of diastasis recti continuing education. Some of our best allies in healing diastasis recti are obstetricians, midwives & doulas, physicians & nurse practitioners and fitness educators.


Take a look at how we can assist you in your patient’s care.

In-office Presentations

Our presentations are designed to refresh professionals and their staff on the condition of diastasis recti, symptoms, risks, research, how to check for a DRA and rehab options. Duration can be customized to fit your needs and number in attendance.

Additional content can be included specific to your group. For example:

OB’s, Midwives & Doulas

  • Discuss importance of treating a DRA during pregnancy
  • Learn about effective exercises for keeping DRA small during pregnancy
  • Learn about evidence-based postpartum DRA recovery and current rehab options

Physicians & Nurse Practitioners

  • Learn how DRA rehab can help patients avoid DRA and hernia surgery
  • Discuss the most current recommendations for advice on exercise with a DRA

Fitness Educators

  • Learn which exercises are harmful and which are helpful for clients with a DRA
  • Discuss what other conditions are potentially present for clients with DRA
  • Learn exercise modifications




Check your patients for DRA:

  1. Check by listening to their symptoms
    -chronic back pain
    -belly pooch
    -GI issues
    -umbilical hernia
  2. Check with a hands-on assessment
  3. Recheck (pregnancy, surgery, change in activities)

No time? We provide Free Belly Checks!

Office Materials

We have created tools to make it easy for your office to inform your patients about diastasis recti and refer them for treatment:

  • PSA Posters
  • Referral Pads
  • Brochures
  • Email Templates



Email to request delivery.

Patient Education

We offer services to educate your patients on their own ability to heal. Our instruction includes:

  • Overview of diastasis recti
  • Checking themselves for a DRA
  • Approximating, protecting and strengthening their core muscles
  • Tools for daily living to heal or avoid a diastasis
  • Modifications and tools for choosing the best exercises for their body