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Begin your Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation with a virtual appointment!

Although we are all, as a community, staying closer to home these days, you can still start your diastasis recti rehabilitation! Due to the importance of social distancing during this pandemic, PIDR is offering virtual appointments to get you started with the tools you need to heal and strengthen.

In-person appointments are also available. To schedule, please call 303.839.1993 ext 2. Keeping you safe in our office is our highest priority. All appointments are being scheduled around the other practitioners’ calendars in order to avoid office congestion and allow space and time for continuous cleaning and disinfecting.


Diastasis Recti Rehab

Diastasis recti (the separation of the rectus abdominis muscle) is a condition commonly seen in pregnancy and after childbirth, but it can also occur in children as well as women and men of all ages.


It’s never too late to close a diastasis recti without surgery! With a whole-body, evidence-based approach, PIDR helps you heal your diastasis and rebuild your core strength. We use exercise, movement modifications, manual therapy and education to return your body to its optimal function.

Common symptoms of a DRA include:

  • Regular back pain
  • Being mistaken for an expecting mom, when you are not
  • Bloating with food or beverage intake
  • A belly pooch despite being reasonably fit elsewhere
  • Urine or gas leaking with daily activities or exercise
  • An umbilical hernia

Free Belly Check

New Client Appointment

Core Strength

Prenatal Training


PIDR can offer more options for healing your DRA because we are a part of a cooperative of women’s health providers.

Learn more about all of the businesses who collaborate with us at Harmony’s Family Cooperative.